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14 Jul Paintball Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Paintball is an awesome way of recreation which alleviates stress and builds team spirit. However, playing paintball requires building skills, developing strategies and tactics, and all of these require time and experience. Here are a few simple tips and tricks you can apply even if you are an inexperienced paintball player that will help you enjoy the game and possibly even end up in the winning team.  feautured-image-actionv3

  1. Communicate!

Step up your game by simply maintaining communication with your team. In order to work as a team you have to stay in touch with your teammates. It is really important to include others in the game, as well as to be included in the game. If you wander off alone, chances are you will be a sitting duck. Use radios and communicate with your team in order to improve your game. Knowing positions of your teammates, as well as your enemies, will give you better chances of winning the game.

  1. Move, move, move!

Knowing how to hold your position and move across the field will do wonders for enhancing your game. The best paintball tip is to move, and more importantly you should learn how and when to move. Find a good shelter right at the beginning of the game and use the element of surprise to sneak up on the opposite team. Try to be as stealthy as possible and remember to leave the bright clothes and shoes at home.  PSP2012PHXPv_073

  1. I work out

Paintball is a very active sport, it requires a lot of action, running, hiding, ducking, and generally it requires its players to be fit and healthy in order to play. Although, you cannot influence much your paintball playing skills as they will develop over time, preparing yourself to be fit and generally in good shape will definitely help you play paintball, even though you still are not as experienced in the game.

  1. Know your equipment

81651The equipment is one of the key factors that will influence your game. Knowing what your equipment is capable of will help you devise a proper strategy and minimize the losses. If your gun is not precise with long shots, do not even try. Don’t waste your shots in shootouts, and if you find yourself out of ammo bluff – because no one but you will know that you are out of ammo. In addition to that, irregular shaped ammo will almost never hit the target you are shooting at, so if you have a choice, go for quality guns and ammo, in order to improve your game.

  1. Snapshooting

One of the best skills, and arguably the skill, to have in order to successfully play paintball is definitely snapshooting. Hide behind a tree or a shelter and shoot a couple of rounds by quickly popping out from your hiding places, while changing your position and hiding. The element of surprise will help you take down your enemies.1svORX5

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14 May Mistakes You Should Avoid Making While Playing Paintball

Playing paintball is not exactly rocket-science. However, you should develop certain skills, practice, and possibly even devise a proper team strategy in order to play paintball successfully. While many successful and experienced players are perhaps already familiar with the mistakes you should avoid while playing paintball, here are some common mistakes everyone makes which you should definitely try to avoid in the field.

  1. Taking off your mask

One of the mistakes you can make in the field is to take off your mask, for any reason. This simple activity will make you vulnerable and you should definitely try to avoid it. If, for any reason, you need to adjust your equipment and gear, make sure you’re completely safe in a shelter, or that you have a teammate who is protecting you.4-Virtue-Paintball-Copyright-Helen-E-Grose-World-Cup-2014

  1. Wearing bright colors

Many playing fields will provide the jumpsuit, but the clothes you wear underneath can sometimes show. If you are heading for a fun game of paintball with your friends, leave your bright yellow hoodie at10-Bachelorette home. Another thing to avoid is wearing bright shoes, which will attract the attention of your enemies. Remember, your goal is to blend in and be as stealthy as possible, not to attract unwanted attention to yourself and your team with your hip and trendy shoes. If, however, you make this mistake and bring something bright to the field, you can use it to your advantage by using it as a decoy.

  1. Hiding

Well, if you really want to ruin the experience for yourself and your teammates, you can spend the entire game hiding in the bunker. Being too scared to shoot and play will get you nowhere and you will only deny your team of a player. Remember, playing paintball should be fun, and it is not really fun to sit the entire time in a shelter.

  1. Position

Another common mistake to make in the field is to wander off from your teammates. If you have troubles with moving across the field and finding the right position and shelter, you will definitely ruin the game for yourself and your teammates by wandering aimlessly across the field.Paintball-27527-3

  1. Not communicating

What you should definitely avoid is not communicating with your teammates as much as you should. Use the radios to your advantage, and remember playing paintball is a team sport.

  1. Shooting at your own team

While it can happen to anyone, and mistakes happen, making this one will certainly anger your teammate and possibly your entire team. However, you can successfully avoid shooting at your own teammates, just by keeping communication between you and your teammates, keeping each other posted for your positions and enemies’ positions at all times.

  1. Leaving your partner

The worst thing you can do to your partner and to your team is to leave them to fend for themselves. What you wouldn’t like others to do to you, you shouldn’t do to them.

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